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Sometimes you just have questions. That’s the best part of our job. We LOVE associating with our loyal customers and are so happy to help in any manner possible.

We have a few different forms of contact, so choose what works best for you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Monday – Friday  9 a.m.- 3 p.m. EST

What's Your Return Policy? Do You Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

Our full return policy can be found Here.

As for the money-back guarantee, most company’s utilize this as a great marketing tactic because they know 90% of their customers won’t take the time to enforce it. At Vitalix, we avoided the marketing tactics and went straight to the results.

With that being said, we make this process very simple. If this is your first time purchasing a specific product simply contact us, keep the product, and we will initiate a refund immediately.

To protect ourselves from fraud, this guarantee only applies to first time purchases of a product and is redeemable up to 60 days after purchase.

If you bought more than 1 bottle of a supplement on your first purchase and didn’t like it, we would ask that you send the unopened bottles back to us for a refund.

Can I Change My Order?

All orders made before 4 P.M. EST are fulfilled that day. If you made an order before 4 P.M. EST and canceled before 4 P.M. EST, we will have no problem processing your cancellation and fully refunding your money.

How Do I Cancel My Order

If you wish to cancel an order, you will need to either email or call us at (855) 213-4699. We will make every attempt to stop your order. However, if your order has already shipped, you will have to return the package (see return policy listed above). Any order that is canceled after it leaves our facility will be considered a return and all policies listed apply.

What Happens If An Item Is Out Of Stock?

We do everything we can to avoid this particular instance, but if this occurs, you can simply click “Notify me when the product is back in stock!” where the “add to cart” button typically is.

This will add you to our database to keep you in the loop on our hot product. This does NOT add you to any marketing or solicitation emails, and we will not sell your information to any third party services.

If you placed an order after 4 P.M. EST, you have until 4 P.M. EST the following day to cancel your order with no consequences.

For anything outside of those parameters, please reference our Return Policy.

Do You Have FAQs For Individual Supplements?

Yes, we do! We have an extensive FAQ on each respective product description page.

How Will I Know The Supplements Are Working?

Just as we treat each customer as an individual, each customer will respond differently as an individual.

If you have detailed questions about how your body will react to the individual ingredients of our products, please contact us at [email protected] or (855) 213-4699.

Do Any Of Your Supplements Contain Banned Ingredients?


The NCAA has banned caffeine, which is in our pre-workout supplement INFINITE  and AMINO.

None of our supplements contain substances banned by WADA.

Can Your Supplements Cause Me To Fail A Drug Test?


This applies to all forms of drug testing whether it is for performance enhancements for athletes or the everyday user’s drug testing for a job. You will not be inhibited in any way.

I Have Medical Conditions, Is It Safe To Take Your Supplements?

Unfortunately, you will have to consult your doctor on this one since we are not qualified to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any medical conditions.

Our products are 100% safe for healthy individuals, but those with health conditions should always take caution and consult their doctor.

Can I Consume Your Products Every Day Without Consequence?

Yes, you can!

Our supplements are designed for everyday use. However please reference the individual labels for how much you should consume in a day. It is not recommended to consume more than the suggested amount in a day.

Where Are Your Products Manufactured?

All of our products are manufactured in an NSF certified sport, cGMP, and FDA registered facility.

cGMP: current Good Manufacturing Practices

FDA: Food and Drug Administration

Do You Have Samples That I Can Try?

At this time we do not have samples that are available.

We realize this may be an inconvenience, so we have developed a 60-day money back guarantee that takes the risk away and will allow you to have peace of mind.

Can I Take Your Supplements If I Am Pregnant?

The best way to go about this is to consult your doctor as they will be able to give you specific advice for you.

However, as a general rule due to the quantity of caffeine in our products, you will probably not want to use our products as it could lead to too much stimulation during pregnancy.

How Long Will It Take For My Order To Arrive?

The delivery time for your order depends on your location, date ordered (holidays or weekends), and chosen shipping method.

We have automatic calculated shipping rates at checkout to give you the quickest and cheapest shipping option. Of course, if you’d like your shipment expedited you may choose that option.

Do You Offer International Shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Since we are a start-up company and are so heavily focused on our customer experience, we don’t want to spread ourselves too thin. As we grow, this may be a path we choose to travel.

Do You Ship To Military Addresses?

As of right now, no. We absolutely plan to grow in this direction in the future.

What If There Is An "Error"

We make every attempt to send you what you order. In the rare occasion that you receive an item(s) other than what you ordered, DO NOT open the item(s) or you will void your right to return it.

Merchandise sent to a customer in error must be reported within 5 non-business days of receiving the item. We will then work with you to resolve the situation (refund, replacement, etc.). Full credit for the returned item(s) will be issued for the unopened and undamaged merchandise within 10 business days of our receipt or the returned package.

Package "Delivered" But I Didn't Receive It. What's Up?

This is a very rare instance since we oversee our processes so closely, but sometimes these things occur. In this case, we are the middle man relaying the message from the specific carrier.

If your order hasn’t arrived within 2 business days of being marked as delivered, contact us at [email protected], and we’ll investigate the issue and issue you a refund if necessary.

What If My Shipment is Lost Or Delayed?

If your order hasn’t arrived within 2 business days of being marked as delivered, contact us at [email protected], and we will investigate what happened with your product and issue you a new order if necessary.

What Are Your Typical Transit Times?

Transit times will vary based on many different factors such as location, date purchased (holiday or weekend), and shipping method chosen. To avoid any confusion or unwanted costs, we have implemented calculated shipping rates at checkout to give you accuracy and freedom of choice.

In the meantime, below is a basic chart on standard transit times:

The following map references the Standard Shipping Method only.

Please Note: The days in transit on this map are business days (weekdays only) and do not include weekends and holidays. For example, if your package is shipped on a Friday and the zone map estimates 2 days in transit, then it should be delivered on Tuesday, which is 2 business days from Friday.

Will I Get A Tracking Number?

Yes! You will receive a tracking number as soon as the product ships.

Will I Receive Any Verification Of My Order?


Shortly after your order is placed, you will receive an automatic confirmation email that will detail your order.

Once your order is fulfilled, we will issue you an email letting you know that your product has shipped.