Maximize Your Gains and Fitness Progress: Supplements

Are supplements really necessary to maximize gains and fitness progress?

Absolutely. Let me explain why.

Take a look at the lifestyle of an average 21st-century person (I assume your lifestyle looks somewhat similar to that average lifestyle).

You spend most of your day sitting at a desk, earning money in the office and munching on donuts (or whatever it was your colleague Steve bought this morning).

After work, you get back home and spend the rest of your day sitting on a sofa drained. From home to work, from work to home, from home to shop – you usually take your car for a ride.

So basically what you do is sit for over 12 hours a day and then spend 7-8 hours in a horizontal position sleeping (at least in your dreams you almost never sit around, such a relief).

At some point in your life, you realize that you shouldn’t be living like that. It’s unhealthy to live like that, right? So, you decide to transform your lifestyle.

While that’s obviously a good idea, do keep in mind that your body has already gotten used to the “lazy” lifestyle.

Your homeostasis and metabolism have been resting in “lazy mode” and then all of a sudden you decided to turn the switch to the “crazy, active mode.”

Don’t be surprised when you hear your body say, “Oh, come on dude, give me a break.”

It’s like driving a car at 70 mph and then deciding to immediately make a U-turn (without drifting). You’ve got an intense amount of momentum and shifting that in 1 second is near impossible. Not only that but this could quickly and easily lead to an accident (injury in our case).

The point being is that your body isn’t ready for dramatic changes in lifestyle.

Okay, so what can you do about it?

Supplements: Can They Help You?

You’ve probably seen buffed guys gulping down protein shakes while working out in the gym. But do know that protein is not the only type of supplement you can take to maximize your gains and fitness progress.

In fact, there’s a wide variety of supplements, ranging from high-quality carbs and amino acids to vitamins.

We’ll discuss every type of supplements in detail in our next articles, as you can’t possibly squeeze all supplements into a single article.

If you’re living the lifestyle detailed in our introduction above and you’re looking to make a change, you should be thinking about supplements.

But what is the purpose of supplementation?

Supplements are Supplements

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Not all supplements are created equal!” and you would be correct. This section isn’t about the quality of supplements but more so their general purpose.

Supplements are meant to supplement a healthy lifestyle. Duh! As stupid as it may sound most people misunderstand this concept. They believe the supplement will change their lifestyle.

Change begins with you and supplements simply help to enhance you. How? We’ll give the answer in our in-depth article about supplements. Stay tuned!


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