In a world full of short-term success, long-term failure health and fitness solutions, we have made it our mission to create a hassle-free and highly effective online lifestyle change that helps you become the best version of yourself – because we think you’re worth it. The hardest part is knowing where and how to start and that’s why we’re here. We strongly believe by changing your lifestyle, and not just selling you on the latest health trend, you too can enjoy the healthy, active, and pain-free life you’ve always wanted.

It all starts with what we call, “The Client-Centered Approach.”

It’s this belief that provides strength in the foundation of what we’re about – truly wanting to help people achieve their health and fitness goals – and keep them! It’s a simple idea yet too many companies, products, and services go about it the wrong way. They either markup supplements with ineffective ingredients, sell you on a diet that is near impossible to sustain or give you a training program that isn’t fit for YOU.

Here at Vitalix, we use a personalized approach that combines everything you need to become a better you. We provide supplements and transformation packages to target what you want to improve. We achieve this by creating:

 Supplements with clinical effective ingredients in the proper dosage that empower you to conquer each day.
• Custom transformation packages with detailed training and nutrition guides that help you with short-term health goals.

We understand that everyone is different and has their own goals, which is why we embrace the client-centered approach and meet you wherever and whenever you are in life. It’s time you got back to loving where you are and yet looking forward to a happier and healthier future.





Brian McMahon received his BSBA in finance from Robert Morris University (RMU) and his diploma in personal training from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He also received his Certified Personal Trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM CPT).

Brian has utilized his business and financial knowledge to shape a number of health and fitness organizations in the Pittsburgh area. He began his career by founding a car detailing company that had a 100% customer retention rate. This entrepreneurial endeavor consistently exceeded financial forecasts, allowing Brian to contribute over 10% of his profits to a private local non-profit organization throughout.

Upon discovering his passion for health and fitness, Brian worked as a manager for Anytime Fitness, implementing numerous strategic customer-focused changes. Among the ideas Brian put into action was the “Get Started Plan,” which consisted of one free consultation and personal training session for new gym members, resulting in a 10% increase in customer retention.

After enriching customer experiences at health and fitness organizations through innovative ideas and transformative business decisions, Brian fully embraced his passion for the business of health and fitness by beginning his very own startup. This passion is actualized in the daily operations of Vitalix, an organization whose mission is to optimize your health, happiness, and love of life as you discover the inherent greatness within you.