Fat loss should not be difficult!

There are thousands of fat loss programs out there. Most of these programs don’t work because they give you unrealistic goals, expecting you to drop everything and focus 100% of your life to their confusing guidelines. The 6-Week Physique was created with the busy person in mind. These people have little time and feel overwhelmed and confused when it comes to working out and eating healthy. I created this program to be gradually progressive in intensity, so it will slowly ease you into the right types of training and nutritional habits that will maximize fat loss and build habits that last…WITHOUT asking you to dedicate your entire life to the gym.

I have crafted this incredibly easy to follow blueprint that:

  • Calculates your calories/macros
  • Shows you how to eat more and burn more
  • Shows you how to manipulate your food choices/portions to burn fat all day everyday
  • Lays out every single workout with a journal for tracking progress
  • Incorporates specific training techniques to ramp up fat burning and release muscle enhancing hormones
  • Provides daily meal plans so you know exactly what to eat, when, and how to eat it
  • Promotes cheat meals at the right times to enhance your physique
  • Teaches you how to track your body stats, when to track, and a fillable guide to stay on track

If you’re truly ready to take your physique to the next level then this program is for you! Every single one of my clients who followed my protocols have seen incredible results utilizing my unique fat burning techniques.

How burning fat can be simple and confusion free.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve received the highest levels of training certifications and diplomas; not for fun, but for results. I’ve seen it all regarding the struggles that my clients face with fat loss and building a healthy lifestyle. 90% of my private client consultations focus on the following struggles:

  • Way too restrictive with what they eat
  • Calories/macros are way off
  • Nutrient ratios are unbalanced
  • Working out for too short or too long
  • Focusing too much on cardio and less on weights
  • Training splits are not advantageous
  • Not tracking body stats correctly
  • Focusing more on the scale than the mirror
  • Consistently hitting strength and fat burning plateaus

I vowed to make this program as simple as possible, so everyone can follow my plan and see incredible results. After reviewing hundreds of competitor’s programs, I noticed two fatal flaws:

  • Their protocols were too simplistic
  • Their applications were way too confusing for anyone to implement, myself included

I’m not here to throw hundreds of documents your way to make it look like I’m adding value.

I’m not giving you time wasters. Your time is valuable, as is mine.

I am giving you the precise workouts and meal plans that have helped every single one of my clients shred body fat the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Everything I provide you with is RESULTS FOCUSED so you’re learning only what you need to learn to produce fast short-term results while building habits that last a lifetime.


We’ve included everything you need to get fantastic results over the next 6 weeks. Here’s an outline of the 3 phases you will complete:


Phase 1 The Primer (1 week)

When starting any program, you need to switch up your metabolic process from storing fat to utilizing fat stores. We do this by switching the way our body utilizes stored and daily nutrients by following precise nutrient targets. In this phase, you can expect to lose 3-5 pounds while prepping your body to utilize its stored fat for fuel and your daily nutrients towards enhancing your lean body mass and recovering from the quick and intense workouts.


Phase 2 Burn & Build (3 weeks)

Phase 2 is all about building from the primer phase by keeping your metabolism at an all-time high while also shuttling vital nutrients into specific muscle groups for a completely well rounded physique. This is the most critical phase because this is where our progress continues to develop. Not only do we keep the fat burning and muscle building hormones balanced and optimally functioning, but we then start working different energy systems to promote burning fat up to 48 hours after the workout. In addition, you will prime targeted muscle groups to maximize the absorption and utilization of nutrients, which completely removes the possibility of the body storing any new nutrients as body fat.


Phase 3 Metabolic Overdrive (2 weeks)

I really consider this the finisher phase. Phase 1 prepped the body to utilize nutrients as efficiently as possible. Phase 2 used those nutrients while enhancing the fat burning and muscle building hormones. Phase 3 utilizes two primary training techniques that go far beyond burning fat up to 48 hours after your workout.

The first technique focuses on pushing your work capacity, which will crank up the metabolic flame by releasing specific hormones that require stored body fat as fuel and enhance muscularity. The second technique focuses on a specific part of day where your body is naturally primed to burn fat. We focus on burning more calories during this time which come directly from stored body fat. This is the point where your stubborn fat is struggling to be released but we give the body no option but to utilize the stored fat for fuel. This means a massive surge of fat burning happening throughout your body during your workout and thereafter.

HERE’S what you get



In this short document, I will lay out EXACTLY what to expect over the course of these 6 weeks. An overview of what’s to come will help you better plan and prepare for your journey as well as understand why I incorporated specific techniques. Rather than trying to memorize this document and hope you don’t forget anything, I recommend you give it a quick read and then use it as a reference throughout your journey. The Day by Day guide will break down every single phase and day for you, so you can learn as you go.


3 Daytoday(1)

Day by Day guide

Our Day-to-Day guide where you can track all your workouts. This makes you aware of what you lifted last session and what you need to lift to progress next session. We also provide you with targeted macronutrients and sample meal plans so it's easier than ever to follow along.

Supplementation Guide

Understand this:

You don’t need to use supplements. If you follow the program exactly as laid out (both in terms of nutrition and the workouts), then you’re going to get awesome results. But if you want to step things up a gear, you might want to invest in certain supplements. Thing is, a lot of supplements don’t actually do much. (Well, apart from leave a hole in your wallet.) So we’ve made this guide to let you know which supplements you might want to take… and which to stay well clear from.

The “6-Week Physique” Calendar

This calendar is meant to make things easy for you to follow and stick to. It also means you don’t have to worry about any ‘surprises’ popping up during the program. Instead, you know exactly what’s coming and when. Each day it tells you:

  • What you’re training
  • What meal plan to follow
  • What type (if any) of cardio for that day
Nutrient Timing Guide

There’s way too much misinformation out there when it comes to when you should eat what. So that’s why we made this guide – To cut through all the bull. When you’ve read it, you’ll know the truth about meal timing.


Hint: It’s really simple.

Vitalix Cookbook

Getting shredded shouldn’t be a chore. So the last thing you want to do is eat bland meals. Which is why you get a free copy of Cooking Away the Fat”. Inside, you get 101 healthy yet delicious recipes. You can expect:

  • 5-minute recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and super shakes
  • Breakfast,  lunch, dinner, dessert, and super shake recipes
  • Supplement facts for EVERY recipe to help you stay on target
Approved Foods

A list of foods we suggest. You do not have to stick to these if you don't want to or have dietary restrictions. We provide this bonus to make things as simple as possible so you don't have to stress over which foods to buy every week. You can expect :

  • Protein Choices (vegetarian and vegan friendly)
  • Smart Carb Choices
  • Healthy Fat Choices
  • Vegetable Choices

Oh ya..AND




6 Week Calendar
Calculated Calories and Macronutrients
Weekly Updated Workouts
Day By Day Guide
Suggested Foods List
Nutrient Timing
Advanced Training Technique
Detailed Sample Meal Plans
Supplementation Guide
Custom Cookbook
Private Community Group

Success Stories


Hi, I’m Brian and my entire life I’ve been lean but not healthy. I needed the proper guidance and protocols that worked well for MY body to achieve my ultimate goal of getting shredded and building lean body mass. I figured I could just do it on my own because we have this incredible search engine called Google which knows everything, right? Not exactly. This threw me on a whirlwind because you have one “expert” telling you to follow keto, the other saying intermittent fasting, and the guy who has no idea saying DO BOTH!

After trial and error with every fat loss diet imaginable (keto, intermittent fasting, paleo, gluten free, wheat free, atkins, nutrisystem, etc.) I decided no more bull! It’s time to focus on science. This was the start of my journey to learn as much as possible about training, nutrition, and supplementation. This journey led me to achieve my:

  • Diploma from the National Personal Training Institute of Pittsburgh PA (NPIT)
  • PT Cert from NASM
  • Body Screens from the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 & 2
  • Nutrition Cert from Precision Nutrition Level 1 & 2

Each course pushed me closer and closer to my goal. This knowledge empowered me to not only change MY LIFE but those around me. After I implemented the customized strategies to reaching an extremely lean and shredded physique, I wanted to share it with the world. I’ve always known my purpose was to help people, but it wasn’t until this journey that I realized how I can do it and reach as many people as possible.

Health and fitness isn’t just about having a great physique so you can look good on the beach. It’s about being able to walk around with confidence, increasing our energy to do the things we love, enhancing our focus to make better decisions, and ultimately, leading a life that is founded on principles of success. There’s many things in life that we cannot control but the two things that we can are our actions and our thoughts. I am here to provide you with an action plan, so you create the body of your dreams while you shape the life you truly want to live.



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